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Why You Should Hire Custom Interior Design Services To Create A Gorgeous Gallery Wall

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If you're focused on enhancing the aesthetics of your living area, it could be worth considering hiring the services of an interior decorator. These professionals possess the expertise to assist you in designing a stunning and practical environment that accurately reflects your character and preferences. An interior decorator can beautify your home in many fun ways, such as by creating a gallery wall.

Reasons to Create a Gallery Wall

If you're looking for a way to display your favorite artwork, photographs, or other decorative items, a gallery wall is a fantastic option. This type of display can help you showcase your unique interests and aesthetic preferences while adding some much-needed color and texture to your living space.

With a bit of planning and careful arrangement, a gallery wall can be a stunning and eye-catching addition to any room in your home. There are several things an interior decorator will do when assisting you.

Start with a Theme 

A theme can help you narrow your choices and create a cohesive look. For example, you can choose a theme based on a color scheme, a style, a genre, or a mood. You can also mix and match different themes as long as they have some common elements that tie them together.

Choose Your Pieces

Once you have a theme, you can look for the elements you want to display on your gallery wall. You can use art prints, paintings, photographs, posters, mirrors, clocks, plates, or anything else. You can also mix different types of media, such as canvas, wood, metal, or fabric. 

Plan Your Layout

Before hanging your pieces, the interior decorator will plan your design on the floor or a paper template, helping you avoid making unnecessary holes in your wall and ensure that your pieces are spaced evenly and symmetrically. You can use different shapes and sizes of frames to create interest and balance. You can also use tape or string to mark the boundaries of your gallery wall on the wall.

Hang Your Pieces

Once your layout is ready, you can start hanging your pieces on the wall. You can use nails, hooks, or adhesive strips to attach your pieces to the wall. Make sure that your pieces are level and aligned with each other. 

Enjoy Your Gallery Wall

After you finish hanging your pieces, you can admire your work. You can change or update your gallery wall whenever you like by adding, removing, or rearranging pieces.

Creating a gallery wall is one of the many ways that an interior decorator can help you transform your space. Contact a custom interior design company to learn more.