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Kids Growing Up? 5 Ways The Shared Bathroom Can Keep Pace

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As your children get older, their needs, habits, and lifestyle change. While many parents put effort into adjusting the child's bedroom to accommodate these changes, the bathroom often gets left behind. However, given the amount of use the family bathroom will receive, making it work better for everyone helps avoid problems and facilitates good relations. How can you do this? Here are five key changes to make as your kids grow.

1. Add Personalized Storage. As kids grow older, having their own space becomes more important than ever. While storage may always have been important in a shared bathroom, individualized storage options are now the key. Look for vanities that can give everyone their own drawers or shelves as well as hanging hooks and organizers for walls and the shower. 

2. Add Counter Space. Whereas little kids may have just needed the sink to brush their teeth, older kids will want space to put out and use hair products, makeup, lotions, creams, brushes, curling implements, and accessories. Consider replacing a single sink with a double vanity or just opting for a larger countertop style. 

3. Reduce Clutter. The more space your bathroom offers, the fewer conflicts people will have when using it. Look at what's currently in the bathroom and find ways to reduce its footprint. Trade in a freestanding toilet paper holder or garbage can for mounted versions. Use floating shelves rather than a standing cabinet. Or use baskets to corral extra stuff until it can be removed from the room. 

4. Add Zones. If more than one person has to share a bathroom regularly, there is a constant risk of conflict over how to share it. One way to reduce such conflict is to make two rooms out of one. Could you add a toilet room with a separate door? Or, perhaps you might add a separate grooming station with a lighted mirror to facilitate multiple uses at once. Any way to separate stations can add to the usefulness of the space. 

5. Make it Neutral. Kids' bathrooms are often filled with fun and frothy decor, but your kids will grow out of those interests. If several people with different personalities share the bathroom, opt for a neutral environment. Look for something that reflects a spa-like quality to promote calmness and relaxation. You might also have each child contribute some aspect of the decor so it feels like their own space. 

Not sure how to transition your children's bathroom into one for older kids? Consult with a designer at a home interior design firm in your area today. While it may take a little time and effort to keep the bathroom in line with the kids' changing needs, it will be worth it when everyone enjoys the space together better.