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Five Interior Design Tips For Making A Home More Energy Efficient

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Investing in interior design that promotes energy efficiency in your home can lower your utility bills and save you money as time goes on. There are numerous things that can be done when it comes to the design of your interiors that will make your home less reliant on energy consumption for everyday comfort.

The following are five interior design tips you can take advantage of to make your home more energy efficient:

Let natural light in

When an interior design takes advantage of natural light, there is less reliance on lighting fixtures that run off of electricity. Your interior design can take advantage of natural lighting by including a lot of strategically positioned windows.

It's important to note that taking advantage of natural lighting isn't just beneficial from an efficiency perspective. It can also be more healthy psychologically. Natural light can make people happier, healthier, and even more productive

Use window treatments to help insulate a home

There are numerous window treatments that can make a home better insulated and less reliant on HVAC equipment to keep interiors at a comfortable temperature.

Using cellular shades, for example, helps to trap air around windows and keeps extreme temperatures out of a home's interiors. Two other options for energy efficient windows treatments include draperies with thermal linings and thick plantation shutters.

Combining several of these energy efficient window treatments is the best way to insulate and reduce HVAC reliance. 

Invest in quality furnishings that will last a long time

It's not good from an energy efficiency standpoint to buy cheap furnishings that will need to be replaced after a few years. If you want a more energy efficient home, you must invest in higher quality furnishings that you can expect to last a long time. 

Incorporate houseplants into interiors around your home

Houseplants are beneficial because they will naturally filter the air and improve interior air quality without having to rely on energy consumption. They can also help to beautify a home and make a home more comfortable. 

Reduce reliance on electronics for entertainment

You can reduce reliance on electronics for entertainment by creating an interior design that encourages entertainment that doesn't require the television. For example, your interior design can encourage conversation by including conversation pieces and interesting literature on your coffee table. You can also position seating so that those in a room face each other rather than facing a television. 

For other interior design options, contact a townhouse interior designer.