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3 Reasons to Request a 3D Architectural Rendering for Your New Home

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Are you planning to build your dream home? While you are likely focusing on the type of flooring you'll choose or even the color of paint you will outfit your kitchen walls with, an even more important step of the overall process is a 3D architectural rendering. The architectural rendering gives you a glimpse of what your home will look like in a more realistic image and can prove to be an excellent tool. Learn why you should add this step to your home building design process. 

Test Functionality

Depending on where you are in the design process, you likely understand that designing a home is a significant undertaking and is often an easier process said than done. A 3D rendering can help drastically with the design process because it gives you the opportunity to test functionality. 

For example, you may have been sold on the area where you wanted the bathroom door to be located off from the kitchen. However, when you see the 3D image that shows the proximity of the kitchen bar to the door, you might see that you don't like the design as much as you thought. A 3D design gives you the opportunity to test functionality.

Minimizes Mistakes

A 3D architectural rendering is also an excellent way to minimize mistakes. Even the most skilled and professional contractor can make mistakes, but with the 3D design, you will also have the power to highlight any differences you see in the design rendering and the actual construction of the home as you move forward.

For example, if an archway is being installed in the wrong location, you will be able to evaluate the 3D image based on what you're seeing and speak up. 

Opens the Door for Feedback

Blueprints are challenging to read, and if you don't have experience with them, you will likely be lost. However, a 3D architectural rendering is much easier for you to assess and interpret, which can open up the door for more feedback on your part.

Instead of sitting in a design meeting feeling like everyone is talking over your head, you will be able to reference the rendering and understand precisely what the contractors are talking about, because after all it is your home, and you are the most important person. 

When building a dream home, you want everything to be right. A 3D architectural rendering can help you with this goal. Learn more about this process by contacting services such as WOODBOURNE DESIGN.