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4 Tips For Remodeling A Fixer Upper

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If you've bought yourself a fixer upper, you are probably eagerly awaiting the time to drive into your first remodeling project. However, before you do so, it's important to consider a few tips that will help you get started. Here are four tips for remodeling your fixer upper home:

  1. Be Cheap: Since you want to get the remodeling of the whole home done fairly quickly, then you want to be as cheap as possible. This is easier nowadays since even cheap materials, such as laminate are actually made much better than they used to be and can mimic high-end materials. You should only spend more where it matters. For example, getting the best lighting in the home is the best way to make a space look bigger and bring out the colors that can over take a room to downplay any areas that might still need work. However, don't buy anything custom. Custom items can wait until after the home has been remodeled completely. 
  2. Start With the Exterior: Starting with the exterior part of the home is best. This way, if you end up hating the task of remodeling, you can sell the home without having to endure the harder projects, such as the kitchen. Besides, a home that has a nice exterior is much easier to sell even if the interior of the home is bad and you are sure to potentially make a profit on the home even with only the exterior being done. 
  3. Get a Storage Unit: Be sure that you have a storage unit during this process. You are going to want to store all belongings in specific rooms that you are working on here so that it's not in the way. This makes it easier to get the task done since you can move about the house easier and have extra space in the home to hold materials until they are ready to be used. 
  4. Focus on Problem Areas: Any part of the home that has structural issues, any kind of water damage, or a poor layout should be focused on first once you get to the interior. These jobs are going to take the longest and once it's done it just gets easier from there. 

Working with a contractor and interior designer when working on a fixer upper is just one more step to take to make it successful and as stress-free as possible. Contact a counter dealer, like Plastic Line Mfg Inc, for more help.