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3 Ways To Make Your Staircase More Inviting In Your Home

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Your home's staircase is a focal point of your overall design, and it's often ignored when it comes to decorating. If you want your staircase to be more inviting, there are ways you can redesign it so it can become a beautiful structure that brings your whole house together. Here are 3 ways to give your staircase the appeal it deserves.

Modern railing

You can open up your staircase and give it a contemporary appeal by installing a brass or steel railing with barred sides. For easier installation, you can buy a stair railing kit from your local home supply store. A railing kit includes your hardware, a handrail, and side rails to give your staircase a noticeable upgrade. You can choose decorative railings with twisted metal or other designs or go with a streamlined effect to draw the eye.

Staircase runner

Whether you have carpeted or wooden stairs, a staircase runner is a great idea to preserve each step while adding a splash of alluring color. A staircase runner placed in the center of your stairs along the entire length of your staircase protects the high-traffic areas where steps get worn down. Similar to a hallway runner, this carpet addition to your stairs can be purchased in a variety of hues and designs to give your staircase a welcoming feel.


Many staircases feature a simple ceiling light, which can leave areas dark or dim. Brighten up your staircase by installing wall sconces to illuminate each step in an intriguing way. You can install sconces with stained glass to add warm color and design, or simple brass designs with yellow lighting to make your staircase glow with appealing light.

If you don't want to add wall sconces to your stairwell, then consider adding multiple recessed lights along your ceiling so each step gets bright illumination. Installing yellow or off-yellow lighting creates a less-stark glow than bright white lighting, so keep this in mind as you choose your lighting fixtures and bulbs.

There are many ways you can make your staircase a more appealing feature in your home. You can brighten up steps with a colorful runner or beautiful lighting. You can upgrade your railings by purchasing a stair railing kit to give this space a more modern appeal. When you upgrade your staircase, you will be amazed at how much more inviting this area of your home is, and can feel confident in how a few changes can really pull your entire home together.