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3 Ways to Make Your College Dorm Room Bed Comfortable and Attractive

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If you're like many college students, your dorm room is one of the first opportunities you'll have to feel as if you're living on your own. However, when you arrive in your dorm room for the first time, you may not feel at home there. One of the reasons why may be your dorm room bed.

The bed in your dorm room can serve multiple purposes. You sleep in it, but you also may use it as a workspace and sofa for yourself and friends that visit your room. While you have no control over the kind of bed you have, you can get bedding that is comfortable and expresses your personality.

Get the Right Size Bedding

To start with, you need to get sheets and bedding that is the right size. That may seem obvious, but you may not know that many college dorm rooms have twin XL beds, also called extended twin. If that is the case for your room, if you get sheets and duvet covers that are made for a twin bed, they won't stay on the mattress or fit your bed. If you get full bed sheets, you'll have to deal with all the extra fabric each night as you toss and turn in bed. Getting twin XL bed sheets will help you stay comfortable and keep your bed looking good. Call your dorm beforehand to make sure you know the size of your bed.

Use Shape and Color

When you locate bedding in the proper size, it's time to think about style and personality. Because your dorm room walls are likely to be white and you are not able to paint them, you can use color and designs to make your bed a focal point in your room. For example, search out geometric bedding sets with bold shapes that draw the eye right to your bed and make your entire room seem more lively.

Get a Mattress Pad or Featherbed

Once you've chosen your bedding, it's time to add extra elements to make your bed more comfortable. The mattress in your room may be bearable, but adding a featherbed or mattress pad can make the bed softer and more comfortable for you when you sit and lay in your bed.

Once you make your bed more comfortable and attractive, you can start working on the rest of your room. Talk to your roommate about more ways that you can have a dorm room that feels like home.