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4 Advantages Of Custom Picture Frames

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When it comes to framing pictures or artwork, there are two choices that you have. You can either purchase regular frames from your local home goods store or you can work with professionals to create a customized frame. There are advantages to both, but here are the four that make custom picture frames worth it:

  1. Match with Occasion: If you are looking to frame a picture from a wedding or baby shower or other special occasion, you can create a custom frame that matches with it. For example, you can add a written message on the frame that helps to better describe that day. You can even engrave the date that marks the special occasion. Being able to choose the color of the frame can also help since you will have a wide range to choose from that can help highlight something in the photo. For example, if the photo is of a bride and she is holding a pink bouquet of flowers, then you can incorporate that same color pink into the frame. You can also add bead work and more to the frame to help it stand out. 
  2. Help Promote Business: In your place of business, hanging artwork can make your office feel more comfortable and become more appealing for customers. The best way to frame the artwork is with customized frames, which you can use to engrave your businesses logo into and more. This is going to display brand awareness and you can even sell small customized frames with your businesses logo for customers to purchase or to give customers as a prize or incentive for using your business. 
  3. Accommodate for Oddly Sized Artwork or Photos: If you have a photo or piece of artwork that is oddly sized, it can be difficult to find a frame that is going to frame it. A customized frame will be able to accommodate for this and ensure that you do not have to crop or alter the piece whatsoever, which can take away from its uniqueness. 
  4. Give a Personal Touch: The best thing about customize frames is that you can give it a personalized touch that is going to make it truly unique and stand out in your home or business. A personal touch will easily go along with your home or businesses specific decor that makes it feel like a place you can call your own.

By knowing the advantages of a customized frame, you can be more comfortable with the price of purchasing one. Contact an outlet, such as Washington Framers' Workroom, for further assistance.